The era of the 9-to-5 job is over. Just a few years ago, one was expected to commute to work, put in the required hours and drive back home. Once one left work, it was done until he / she came back into the office the next day.


Thanks to laptops, smartphones, tablets and Wi-Fi, that has all changed. As long as one has an Internet connection, he / she can file reports, hold meetings, edit proposals and complete practically all of ones work tasks remotely. As a result, telecommuting is on the rise, and more work is completed via our mobile devices.


In addition to this employees of GenNext want to bring in their own devices to work due to comfort of usability or enhancement of efficiency. Enterprises are under constant pressure to change their ago old technology infrastructure thought processes and adopt new best practices.


This leads enterprises to deals with a multitude of challenges:


- Define Mobile / BYOD Policies to secure the enterprises data.

- Define Technologies to adopt or adapt to.

- Define Management of these technologies and devices.

- Provide Employees with right tools / apps to conduct their work tasks efficiently.

- Develop right set of applications for this versatile environment.


CONTARC has consultants who have worked in the mobility are for over a decade and have provided mobility solutions across variety of industries and public sector.




For the Telecom Industry


In the highly digital world, convergence of network devices and content is the key. Telecommunications service providers need to focus on retaining digital consumers while focusing on driving growth and cost savings to stay competitive.


Unprecedented changes from both market and technology advancements are forcing service providers to keep up with innovation.


CONTARC’s focus on driving quality and efficiency of your networks and processes allow you to concentrate on new service offerings and expansion of your customer base.


Some services CONTARC offers in this domain include:


Fulfillment Solutions


• Incident Management

• Configuration Management

• Preventive/Proactive Maintenance

• Application Maintenance

• Help Desk

• Service Quality Management

• Project/Vendor Management


Professional Services


• Consultancy

• Network Optimization

• System & Network Integration

• Integration Services & Application Management

• Migration & Upgradation services

• Application Development


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