Business Process Outsourcing


Contarc offers a range of Business Process Outsourcing services to enable high performance services geared to the needs of specific industries such as publishing, manufacturing, telecom, retail, insurance, health care among others. Contarc’s Cross-Industry BPO Services address the below areas:


Learning Management Process Outsourcing


Contarc’s deep expertise in development and management of learning processes helps customers across a wide range of applications including supporting onboarding of employees to delivering just-in-time on-the-job training.


Contarc can help support training departments by creating the learning objects for offline or online training. Contarc works with instructional designers and programmers to create instructionally sound and SCORM compliant course ware.


Contarc also supports human resource departments by helping them manage employee training through management of their learning management systems. Contarc also has hosted learning management systems that are provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.


Screen shot of a course on our hosted platform:

Content / Data Process Outsourcing


Contarc helps companies with its Content / Data Creation, Management, Transformation and Management Services across a range of industries ranging from publishing, manufacturing, telecom, retail, insurance, health care among others. Some of the applications Contarc helps its clients with are:


• Data Capture Applications

• Data Transformation Applications

• Content Creation and Publishing

• Content Management Applications

• Knowledge Base Development Applications

• Web Content Applications

• Social Media Content and Management Applications


Contact Center Outsourcing


Contarc helps companies manage their contact center operations through operational augmentation onsite or offshore. Some of the applications Contarc specializes in are:


• Voice based Customer Support – Tier I and II

• eMail based Customer Support – Tier I, II and III

• Web Chat based Customer Support – Tier I and II


In addition Contarc helps set up decision tree based trouble shooting self help tools for support agents to help increase productivity levels.



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